The golden child

Decky went back to school – the first time since his injury Friday.

Everybody was asking him questions, checking him out. He was the center of attention everywhere he went. At recess, the first thing he did was check out the pole he hit, to see if it had a dent. (It didn’t.) His teacher stated that he was wonderful at self-monitoring his activity.

The thing I had been most concerned about this school year was that he would get stuck with just a middle-of-the-road teacher. We were spoiled last year by the amazing Ms Gonsher, who loved Decky with a mighty love, and still does. (She came over Friday after school with a gift and a hug.) She sparked his creativity and nurtured his individuality and treated him like the golden child.

His teacher this year is just an average teacher. She gets the job done, makes sure the kids follow her rules and finish their worksheets and that’s about it.

Until Friday. She was the teacher on duty during recess when he got hurt. She walked him to the nurse’s office. She rode with him in the ambulance to me.

She has told me, and written to me multiple times how amazingly brave and strong my boy is. She complimented me on raising such a ‘remarkably well-adjusted and flexible young man.’

I’m hoping this will turn on the light in her brain, that she will recognize what we all already know: Decky is an amazing, very special individual who we are all lucky to know and love. And that he deserves to be treated as such.

All of his past teachers and counselors know it. We know it. You know it. Hopefully, now she will know it. Hopefully, all it will take is a bump on the head.

2 thoughts on “The golden child

  1. I know that in Illinois, it is the LAW that someone has to accompany the child in an ambulance. It might be the principal or the assistant principal or the teacher. It’s probably a law by you, too. It was nice for her to do that, but it was probably part of her job anyway, since she was the one responsible for his well-being at the time. Did she fill out an official accident report?

    Hopefully, she wakes up and sees the Decky we all see. Maybe he’s the one who will unknowingly teach her something.

  2. Good point your sister made… cannot imagine sending a child unaccompanied in the ambulance… we have been SOOOO blessed that every teacher Heather has had so far is INCREDIBLE! I know that will change at some point and she will get an average, or maybe even not-so-great teacher… but especially in those early years when the ground is being laid for what will hopefully be a life-long love of learning & school, I think it is so important to have those exceptional teachers. Hopefully this one will turn the corner to be above average for you guys!

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