The past week or so, there have been two little black dogs and a big copper-colored dog running loose in our neighborhood.

We know where they live. It’s next to our subdivision and the fence has many loose boards that leave large gaps. Every time one of us steps outside, the little black dogs appear on our driveway to charge at us and bark aggressively. Often, they are joined by their big friend, who has a menacing bark and is very skittish and aggressive.

Yesterday, we were just leaving to go for a walk when they appeared again to accost us. I saw the male human occupant of the house yell for them to come in the house, and called to him, “Please fix your fence!”

But they were out again today. I have to guard Owen while Cait gets his baby seat in the car. Decky has had to hide in Bill’s car when the dogs chased him on his scooter. I get charged many times a day. It’s getting flipping ridiculous.

I called animal control today and had to leave a message, which hasn’t been returned yet. I went to the door of the house, but no one was home. I saw one of the little black dogs come running at me from the middle of the busy street.

I had previously wished death on the little demon, but I didn’t really mean it. I wouldn’t really want the dog to be hit by a car. It’s not their fault they are nto being properly taken care of.

Those dogs are a threat and are in danger. How could pet owner be so careless?

Bill says he’ll go over and talk to the owner. It better happen soon. I can’t be the only neighbor to complain. I’m half ready to nail some ugly boards on their fence, just to solve the problem myself.

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  1. Call the police and tell them the dogs attacked your 2-year old grandson. Tell them your 9 year old son cannot play outside on his scooter and had to hide in his Dad’s car to escape the dogs. Three dogs are a “pack”. Tell the police it’s a pack of dogs. This is dangerous and your family could get hurt!

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