The usual barely-controlled frenzy

Tomorrow will be a busy day.

Owen comes over at 7:15 for the day. After I feed him and Decky, we’ll drive Decky to school and come right home.
Since the painters are coming over, Owen and I will be moving furniture and taking down pictures, etc. And since I can’t stand the purple sample paint Jorge brought over, I’ll have to see if he can match the bronze paint in the hallway, even though we have none left over.

Then I will have to figure out how to occupy Owen until 2pm, while the painters take over the living and eating rooms on a day where the temperature will reach 88.

Oh – and the guys are supposed to install the fan in the living room tomorrow too.
And Decky has drum lesson.
And I have to learn to program the sprinkler so all the new grass seed won’t die.
And I have to call animal control again, since they never returned my call from Thursday.
And I need to do a self-study packet on ketamine for conscious sedation.
And I’d kinda like some time to myself.

Ugh. You call this a day off?

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