The price of beauty

The painters have finished the living room and eating room. The ceiling fan has been installed. I vacuumed with a vengeance and moved all the furniture back into the living room. Even rearranged it all.

And while the guys were in and out of my house all day, and the dogs were corraled in the basement, and I was watching Owen all day, I cleaned the basement, then made an exceptional Columbian chicken stew from scratch.

Is it any wonder I’m beat?

Tomorrow I work eight hours, during which the Baldrige Award inspectors will be in the hospital. I’ll have to be on my toes. In the evening, Decky will be performing at the third-grade musical. His principal frowns on anything more exuberant than ten polite claps in a row, so guess who will be whooping and hollering and whistling?

Ah, you know me too well.

Wednesday, Cait and I plan on redecorating the living room, and decorating for fall. We’re both so excited.

Right now, all I want to do is put my feet up and crack a book. After I make my lunch and Decky’s lunch for tomorrow, and take the garbage and recycling out.

No rest for the weary.