A very non-PC point of view

I am so sick of breast cancer.

I think it’s stupid, all the pink crap I see everywhere, especially in October. Pink football shoes and towels, pink mixers, pink everything-in-the-world-that-has-absolutely-nothing-to-do-with-cancer.

Raising awareness is a good thing, but when is enough enough? How will a pink pair of shoes make the public any more aware of breast cancer than they already are? And what about the studies that show that people are being over-treated due to the hyper-awareness of early breast cancer testing?

How about shining the awareness light on another worthy health cause, like diabetes, or heart disease? Or HPV, which 75% of the population carries (even males), but only half the population has insurance that covers vaccination against? Or autism? Or stroke? Or lazy eye?

I have had enough of the pink stuff. In fact the only thing that would make the Kardassian family more aggravating to me would be dressing them in pink.

I say enough. Follow the guidelines for testing. Nurse your babies. Exercise and eat right.
And wear whatever color you damn well please.

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