Today Decky turns nine.

That boy is the best thing that ever happened to this family (so is Owen, of course). He is so loved and valued. He has always been treated as the best boy in the world, because he is.

He is kind to others, keeps peace on the playground, sets an example for his friends, is a born leader, is charming and polite to adults, is smarter than his parents, is brave but cautious, lets the small things go, knows how to behave, takes shots like a pro, has a quirky and wonderful sense of humor, shows love to the people who are special to him, plays drums very well, has a very neat printing hand, watches out for the little ones, and is kind to animals.

People genuinely like this kid. He is magnetic and charismatic. Kids just want to be around him, and their parents are happy about it because they like him too.

We are so lucky to have this boy in our lives. He is everything wonderful a son, brother, boy uncle should be.

Thanks for letting us hang out with you, Decky. Happy birthday, sweet boy.

2 thoughts on “Birthday

  1. Decky is everything you said about him…..and more. He’s a wonderful boy. Since he was born 9 years ago, he has brought joy to everyone. We love him so much.

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