Just plain weird

Bill and Decky and I went to the walgrreens today. On the list: picture-hanging hardware, a wedding card, nail polish, and chocolate.

We each went our separate ways upon entering, then met up by the cashier. Bill and I found that we had each independently selected the same size bag of chocolate-covered peanuts.

I guess after half our lives together, it makes some sense to know each other’s tastes so well. But still.

It’s just plain weird sometimes.

– – – – – –

Also, tomorrow’s Dani’s and Tommy’s wedding. We’re all going and we’re all going to be wearing our dancing clothes!

Everybody’s getting
Ready for the wedding!
Oh, we’re so excited!

Everybody’s getting
Ready for the wedding!
We’ve all been invited!

I can’t wait to see my kids dance and have a great time with each other. The only sad part will be the black space on the dance floor that should be occupied by Stefanie. We’ll all have to dance enough to make up for her absence. And our collective goal is to get Koby out there with us. Yeah!