Tomorrow’s my Friday. Kinda.

Tomorrow is almost my Friday. I work 7a-7p, then I’m off for a while. But Wednesday I watch Owen, then Thursday Bill, Decky and I take off for Galena for Decky’s birthday trip.

We were disappointed to hear that the alpine slide was closed for the season but we have an eventful, fun weekend getaway planned.
Thursday, the six-hour drive, then the Mississippi River Museum, dinner and a movie or swimming at the hotel pool.
Friday, the skateboard park, a two-hour lunch eco-cruise on the Mississippi River, nine holes of golf, dinner, then trick-or-treating at a balloon glow on the Galena riverfront for Decky and me while Bill goes to the dog track.
Saturday, a three-mile hike along the Mississippi, then lunch and home.
Sunday, of course, is Halloween. Decky has been asked to go trick-or-treating by a few kids, including Nick, Owen and Miles. It should be a good time.

Luckily, I don’t have to work more than a few hours until next Thursday. I think I’m gonna need some recovery time after all that.