A really sucky day

First, I had a patient that was seriously ill, in desperate need of a CT scan. He was kept waiting in the hall for five minutes because the CT tech wouldn’t get a routine inpatient CT scan off the table. The tech said we should have called first. Our patient’s BP plummeted, so he was brought back to the ED for stabilization, then scanned after about 20 minutes. WHICH HE COULDN”T SPARE.

We ended up transferring him to the mothership, where he was still in surgery many hours later. After watching him say goodbye to his kids and his wife and parents, I was invested in this man’s outcome. I hope it was good.

Secondly, my boss informed us that she had been promoted, and they would be looking for a new ED manager. I am very happy for her. She is the best manager we ever had. But I’m sad for us. This really could be bad for our ED.

After running around with what I thought might be pinkeye all morning (and practicing vigilant handwashing), I experienced a spike of pain through my head when the sunlight hit my left eye upon leaving work. SHIT! Iritis!

I picked Decky up from school (early release day), delivered him to Ryan’s care, then spent the remainder of the afternoon at the opthamologist’s office. I was able to slip in some voting on my way home.

All I wanted to do was curl up in my bed and go to sleep, but Bill took us out for burgers and we had a good time. Spent the rest of the evening avoiding TV election shows, watching the Biggest Loser.

Ready for bed, hoping tomorrow will be better.
Of course it will be! I get to watch Owen all day! Yay!