Better day, courtesy of Owen

Things were so much better today. I watched Owen all day, and he is my joy. He came through the front door singing, “Sunny day! Clouds away!” And that was it. That set the tone for the whole day.

We went to the indoor winter farmer’s market. There was one guy with a card table full of produce.
We went to the wild bird store, where we bought a gourd birdhouse and some seed.
We went grocery shopping, using the giant bus/cart, because Momma says that’s only for Mamoos to use.
We swept the deck and filled the bird feeder. We ate a big lunch and took a big nap.
When Decky came home and Ryan woke up, they both played with our ray of sunshine boy.

Everything that kid does brings joy to anyone around him. Oh how lucky we all are.

I work the next two days, so I will miss him. I’ll just have to go to my happy place in my head with Owen when things get tough. That’ll get me through.