My men

I have such a good time with Bill and Decky. On the weekends, we try to do some fun stuff, stay active.

Today we golfed a nine-hole, par three course. It’s just the right skill level, the right-sized holes, the right length for us. Well, at least for me and Decky. Bill is patient with us. We each got off a few really good shots and putts, we got some exercise, and we were outside enjoying the fall weather. It was a winner on many levels.

After that, we went out to lunch at Arby’s, then Decky tore up the tomato plants and burned leaves with a magnifying glass on the driveway. I did laundry and cleaned, Bill was on the computer.

I took Decky to basketball practice, which was a terrific workout for him, got to chat with a friend and a read a book, while Bill took a nap. When we got home, I made a nice dinner while Bill vacuumed and Decky rested.

Owen and Koby came over for dinner, which consisted of pork roast, pureed cauliflower and some green beans. We tried to cover the cauliflower with gravy and call it mashed potatoes, but Decky wasn’t having any of that.

Koby left after dinner to take Cait out for a nice date, and we got to keep Owen. We had a nice evening of play, drumming and ice cream. The boys and Ruthie are now in Decky’s bed, sleeping. Owen is taking up half of Decky’s pillow, because he won’t use his own. He just wants to be close to him, so Decky is hugging the far edge of the bed while the other half lies vacant. Thank goodness he has an extra hour to sleep tomorrow, because I think he’s in for a restless night.

Ryan just got home after working a nine-hour day at the restaurant. He’s pooped. He misses Decky and Decky misses him very much. Decky looks so forward to Monday and Tuesday because those are the days Ryan has off. They really love each other a lot. It’s wonderful to see.

I am so lucky to have such sweet, funny, loving men in my life. I really am.