Twenty-three years

Today is the twenty-third anniversary of my marriage to Bill. I have been with this man for over half of my life. We have had wonderful highs in our time together, and terrible lows. Some times we love each other more than others. Some times we need each other more than others. But usually there is a great balance.

He’s my best friend. He makes me smarter, kinder, helps me think more clearly and objectively. He is the most intelligent man I know.
He is handsome and sweet. He cracks me up.
As parents, we are perfect complements to each other. What one lacks, the other makes up for.

We both occasionally acknowledge how fortunate we are to have each other. We have fun dates. We are happy together.

Twenty-five years together, twenty-three years of marriage. I have grown up with this man. I can’t wait to grow old with him.

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