Hard and easy

Yesterday and today were like black and white, day and night.

Yesterday: I worked over twelve hours. We were short a nurse all day. We had the slowest doctor in the world. We got slammed. We had a patient crash just before the end of the shift. I came home exhausted, dirty, emotionally drained, and badly in need of a shower. Home was like heaven to me.

Today: I made Decky breakfast and got him off to school. I went to walmart. Owen came over. We vacuumed and played and had snacks. We made his lunch and put it in his lunchbox. We ate lunch out of the lunchbox, just like Decky does. Then we changed into workout clothes and went to gym class. Owen ran and jumped and climbed and swung and crawled and balanced. We took a nap. Cait picked up Owen, Ryan went to work, I picked Decky up from school. I cleaned the birdcage, finished vacuuming, made dinner. Took Decky to and from a great drum lesson. Had a nice dinner with Bill and Decky. They went out for DQ. We are now just relaxing.

Night and day, Yesterday was so hard. Today was so easy. Now I don’t have to work until Tuesday, and only for a short shift. I’m going to start getting my holiday stuff done during my time off: shopping, cleaning, baking, decorating.

It’ll be easy.