Fun day

I told Bill I was making butternut squash with bacon pasta for dinner tonight. He took us out to dinner.

We went to a teppanyaki bar, where the Japanese chef did wonderful tricks with food and flame, then threw shrimp at our faces. Bill caught his, I didn’t catch mine, and Decky caught two out of three. We had a great time – Decky was especially happy and impressed – he even ate some salad and veggies!

We came home and watched one of my favorite movies, “About a Boy.” I have resurrected my crush on Hugh Grant.


Earlier today, I did tons of Christmas shopping online. I got so much done and got some really great deals. I’m psyched!

I talked to my dad and got some good ideas. During our conversation, he told me that he’s been going on three-mile walks many times a week. I am so proud of him! I told him that he exercises more than I do right now and he didn’t believe me. He has inspired me to get back to the gym. Tomorrow morning, I’ll be on the elliptical at the workout place. It can only do good things for me.

It seems that when I finally get back in the gym, I suddenly remember how good exercise makes me feel. And then I kick myself that I didn’t do it sooner. Duh.

Thanks, Dad.


Tomorrow, I intend to clean the upstairs, including the band room and Decky’s room. After my workout. Two punishments? Or a treat and a punishment? I’ll let you know.


I can’t wait to get to Chicago!