Crazy times

First, an update on my eye and the drugs.

I took my second dose of the methotrexate Sunday, and it wasn’t bad at all. I took it at 1:30pm while at work, which probably wasn’t the best idea. I got tired at about 3pm, and felt slow. Next time I have to take it while I’m working, I’ll just wait until I go home. Otherwise, I felt fine, and the fatigue didn’t hang around very long at all. The next day, I was functioning at 100%. I credit a very good, healthy, sensible diet, and an attitude of self-caring.

The eye seems to be getting better. It’s still a little achy and cloudy at times, but doc says it’s improving. My eyelid has started to spasm off and on throughout the day, but I figure it’s just inflammation and irritation, and doc agrees. He says the methotrexate should start making things better in a week or two. I can’t wait.

I’ll be so glad when I don’t have to spend one or two hours each Wednesday waiting to see the eye doctor. He’s totally worth it, but still…

Now the crazy update:

Bill is out of town in Miami for a business/dog track field trip. I am full of envy and resentment, but I’ll get over it. I kinda like having the house to myself. I clean it and it stays clean. Mostly. And while I have to chauffeur Decky to his basketball, tennis, drums, etc myself, I also get to eat out if I want to.

Bill gets home late Saturday. Ryan is scheduled for his surgery Monday at 5:30am, and will stay overnight. I will pick him up Tuesday morning, drop him off at home, and possibly go out to lunch to celebrate a girlfriend’s 40th birthday. It’s morphed from a simple local lunch and gift certificate to lunch at the Plaza, a makeover at the MAC store and a gift certificate, and I obviously can’t commit that kind of time. Caitlyn is happy to ‘babysit’ her brother, and would take very good care of him, but I may just keep the lunch appearance to a cameo. We’ll see how Ryan feels.

The next day, I have to give a presentation on lateral violence among nurses at a system-wide nurse practice conference. It will be nearby, so I won’t worry about leaving Ryan too long, but they just asked me to fill forty minutes instead of the original five to ten. Yipes. I feel like I was roped into this under false pretenses: they originally just asked me to ‘give my talk’. Then they asked me for a whole bunch of other stuff, under a short deadline, so they could give continuing education credit for it. Now they ask for a big long lecture. If they expect it to be interesting and exciting, I am in trouble.

There’s a lot on my plate. I guess it’s back to taking things one day – or one hour – at a time, at least for a little while. Yeesh.

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  1. Wow, you’re really busy. I’m amazed and not surprised that you’re handling the Methotrexate so well. Good food helps, and taking your medication at the right time helps, too. I looked at your presentation (I found it right away) and you could display the pages on a screen. It looks really good.

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