B game

Sometimes I don’t bring my A game. To work, to my family interactions. I am a lazy friend.

I don’t even always realize it unless it’s pointed out to me – by a mistake, by overlooking something, by seeing things slip away. But by that time it’s almost always too late to do anything about it.

When I’m on my A game, and I mostly am, I am better than most people at whatever it is I’m doing – being a nurse, mothering, being a good wife, housekeeping. But when I am off, people notice.

I set my self-expectations too high. And consequently, the people around me share them of me. I found this is a bad thing.

So I try to take it easy on myself. When I make a mistake, I forgive myself instead of stewing too long about it. Well, at least I’m working on that.

Now I just have to get everyone else to take it a little easier on me too. Or maybe I should just not take criticism so hard. Whatever.

Just one more thing to work on.

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