So who have I seen at work?

I saw a person who had a broken wrist and ankle and lots of road rash.
I saw a person who kicked out the windshield and crawled out of his/her burning dump truck after the truck bed snagged on a line above, flipping the truck over.
I saw a little one who knocked out a few of his/her teeth falling off a stool.
I saw a man not much older than I am whose life, along with his wife’s, changed completely when he had a stroke a few months ago.
I saw a lot of old people who were dizzy and weak, who wanted us to cure their oldness.
I saw a drunk belligerent person who no one wanted to take home.
I saw a few drug seekers, one of whom was the child of an acquaintance.
I saw a person who may have broken a rib goofing around with his/her new spouse.
I saw a person with his/her ear shredded by a falling branch.
I saw a couple of 90-somethings who were healthier and more active than most people I know.
I saw a kid who was gorped out of his/her mind on psych drugs and his/her parent, who when asked what his/her medical issues were, stated “He/She’s gifted.”
I saw old people who just wanted more pain meds.
I saw young people who just wanted more pain meds.
I saw a person who kept going to the bathroom or going outside every few minutes, only to return to his/her room happy and energetic.
I saw many people with chest pain.
I saw more with belly pain.
I saw even more people with back pain. See ‘people who want pain meds’ above.
I saw a person who put pot in his/her nebulizer.
I saw a person in four-point restraints, who had just suffered a psychotic break.
I saw a person who brought something he coughed up in an envelope to show me.

I’ve seen so much more than this. I have a fascinating, exhausting, stimulating, frustrating job. I learn something new every single shift. And I love it.
PS Identities and circumstances have been changed to protect confidentiality.