Today will be cloudy and on-and-off drizzly and cool.

Decky and I were able to walk to school, and it only rained a teeny bit on my way back, so I’m happy we were able to fit that in. We both really enjoy our walks now. Whenever we can, we walk to or from school, or both. It’s 1.3 miles each way. Decky’s getting to be really fast. He can keep up with me, even on the hills. He actually runs halfway home, up and down the hills, and he does it more often lately. When I’m able to drop him off in the morning, then pick him up after school, I end up getting 5.2 miles. Not bad!

Now I’m home with Owen. After we make pumpkin-yumkin muffins, we will make chocolate chip cookies. I love it when he wears a dishtowel as an apron – he’s so cute!

While I clean up the kitchen, Owen is playing with 15-bean mix, scooping and measuring with assorted spoons and pots and bowls.

The windows are open. A cool breeze stirs the air. Classic rock on the radio, aprons donned. The smell of muffins and cookies fills the house. I wonder if the neighbors can smell it too?

They should totally envy me this day.

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