Weekend outlook

Don’t know what we’re doing this weekend.

Decky has a football game tomorrow morning – hope they don’t get another drubbing. Last week, they only had six boys show up, which meant they each had to play the entire game. And three of them have never played before. One of the three is so fat and out of shape that he sat out the second half. Talk about setting your child up for failure.

Decky also has his tennis class Sunday afternoon. He loves tennis and he loves his instructor Lorenzo. That guy gets Decky. The class only has two or three kids in it, and sometimes Decky gets a full hour-and-a-half of private instruction if no one else shows up. It’s great.

What I’d like to do this weekend:
– make bean soup. This is necessary.
– go golfing. Also necessary.
– do an hour in the hitting lanes at the tennis club. Great aerobic exercise if I get the ball machine timed just right.
– have a dinner out with Bill. This would be nice.
– take a long hike with my men.
– see Ryan. He doesn’t really have a schedule at the new restaurant yet, so I don’t know when he’ll be available to visit. I miss his smiling face.
– read to Decky. I haven’t been able to the past few nights because of work, and we both miss it.
– decorate for fall (?) Of course if I do that, it will be 90 the next day.
– maybe have the kids over for dinner, haircuts, and possibly a Fire Night. Owen and Decky love the chiminea almost as much as Koby and Ryan. Boys like fire.

Notice there’s nothing on that list about work or chores? Yeah – we’ll see how that goes. 🙂

Have a great weekend!

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