The best-laid plans

So yeah. I knew my list for this weekend’s activities would not be the definitive format, but really?

I saw Ryan yesterday in my ED. He called and said, “Where are you?” Work. “Okay, I’m coming in.” Why? “I’m gushing.”

He had cut his thumb. With a butter knife. In the time-honored Dooley tradition of self-maiming with a dull utensil. It was ugly. He received twelve or more sutures to a large v-shaped incision that ran from above the knuckle of his thumb to near its base. He also received a tetanus shot and a tube gauze dressing.

He has to work today. Ugh.

Other than that, the rest of my hopeful schedule is still kinda on. Decky has a flag football at 11am, Dani should be coming over this afternoon to give us all haircuts. Hopefully Ryan, Cait, Koby and Owen will come, and Tommy and Miles, too. Bean soup (two versions – vegetarian and hamful) is on the stove. Maybe we’ll hit the driving range.

I hope we can have a Fire Night. I better pick up marshmallows and firewood just in case.