Fire and rain

The kids all came over yesterday.

We ate bean soup, even Tommy for whom I made a vegetarian version. The boys had tilapia. Koby became the Fire Night King, who facilitates all things chiminea-related. Dani gave us all haircuts. Caitlyn brought over the official wedding pictures, which I now have on my computer and will make copies of for interested parties.

Koby walked in with a big cardboard box, which contained a firelog, giant marshmallows, chocolate bars, and graham crackers. Miles enjoyed his first Fire Night with his best buddy Owen. Tommy played guitar while we all made sure the boys didn’t set themselves or anything else aflame.

The men played video games, the boys watched Toy Story, Cait curled up on the couch, and we all ate chocolate chip cookies.

Bill and I watched Dexter (to which we are unhealthily addicted) after the kids went home and Decky went to sleep. Then I read until I faded.

This morning I woke at 9:30. The windows were open, curtains closed. It was cold in the room, but the blankies were warm. The sound of the constant soaking rain eased me gently into the day. I walked out of the room to a note taped to the lamp: I’m downstairs, signed Declan. Bill was at the gym. I joined my boy, straightened up the basement, then had some breakfast. Now Bill and Decky are watching the Twilight Zone, and I’m reading the paper.

Some may call this boring, but I call it heavenly. So we won’t be able to hike or go golfing. I’m okay with that. The universe has decreed that this be a lazy day. I’m going to enjoy it.

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