Yesterday, Decky, Bill and I took a three-mile walk. We showed Bill the way to and from Decky’s school in the drizzle, Decky talking all the way. It was actually fun. Then, while Decky had his tennis lesson, I ran myself ragged in the hitting lanes for an hour.

Today when I got up to walk Decky to school, the bases of both my great toes screamed with pain. It was a struggle to walk, but I loosened up after a while and toughed it out. This afternoon, Owen wanted to go with me to pick the boy up, so I put him in an umbrella stroller, thinking it would be easier than pulling him up and down the hills in a wagon.

I was wrong. The stroller forced me to walk bent over, and it was a lot harder to push than it was to pull. Let’s face it, wither way it was hard. But again I got through it, toes screaming the whole time. Owen had fun.

Owen and I had made dough for homemade pizza, so Caitlyn, Koby, Owen and Ryan stayed for dinner. Bill was out with his boss for dinner, so we all had a carb-fest without him, which I’m sure he’ll appreciate. The boys played wildly downstairs until Ryan ran over Koby, Koby ran over Decky and Decky ran over Owen. Who cried. Then everybody came upstairs and Cait read to Owen on the couch while he ate a cookie.

When they all left, I cleaned up while Declan practiced drums and took a shower. We read a chapter of Harry Potter, then I put my exhausted boy to bed. He tucked the tooth he lost today under his pillow and probably fell asleep within seconds. I intend to do very much the same, as soon as I pack my lunch for work tomorrow and perform tooth fairy duty.

I am hoping my toes will feel much better tomorrow. They never bother me at work – I think it’s the shoes. I can’t take another day of toe-lio again.

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  1. I can’t wait to do Tooth Fairy duty! Jack is about to lose his first tooth and he’s excited about a visit from the Tooth Fairy. I am, too.

    I miss you, Sister. I can’t wait to see you. I need a dose of sisterhood and the kids need their Ciocia. Love you!

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