First day of fall

I love fall. I loved it in Chicago and I love it Kansas. The weather lately has been beautiful – low 70 during the day, upper 40s at night. Sunny most of the time. Just gorgeous.

But the allergies are killing me. My eyes are red and itchy and irritated. The left eye is much redder than the right, so I’m consumed with worry about a recurrence of the scleritis. There’s no goop, so I know it’s not pinkeye, but I don’t get itching with scleritis. And I really don’t have pain, except for the usual eye strain.

I took my last dose of methotrexate August 21. And I stopped taking the antiinflammatory eye drops 9/10/11. I did resume the drops yesterday, hoping to head off any inflammatory response to the allergies, and I realize it is possible that I may have to start taking the methotrexate again, but I am still not convinced I have an autoimmune disease. I feel that until someone can actually prove it to me, I won’t be taking those heavy-duty meds for it.

So for now, it’s allergy drops and ketorolac drops, just to manage the symptoms. So far, so good. If it gets worse, I’ll go back on the steroid drops. Then try to wean off of them as quickly as I can.

If this is something I have to deal with every so often, fine. If it won’t respond to what I’m doing, then Ill consider more drastic options.

In the meantime, I’ll just put in my drops and carry on with my life. There’s to much to enjoy to worry about this small thing all the time.