I had a very good day

Yesterday, I didn’t have to work.

I feel like I’ve been working almost every single day lately. And I’m tired.

So yesterday, I devoted my whole day to fun with Declan and Bill. I slept in for a little while, then took Declan to his friend’s house for a little while. While he was there, I did my grocery shopping.

We made lunch at home, then went golfing. We found a great course out in DeSoto. It had a very tight short front nine with a lot of water hazards. I did so well on the front nine! I had a 200+ drive, and sank a 15 foot putt. I was on fire.

Then came the back nine. It was pretty much a par 3, and it wasn’t too hard, but I just kinda lost it. Suddenly, I couldn’t hit a decent drive to save my life.

We came to the last hole, which had its green on a circle island out on a lake. We decided we would hit balls until we landed on it. My first ball hit the wooden walkway to the island. My second landed in the lake. My third landed fifteen feet from the hole. Decky landed his fifth ball, and we ran down the hill to finish our game.

Four hours of beautiful sunshine and cool breezes, leaves just barely starting to turn, fresh air and great scenery. Even with the dead snake I almost stepped on, and the groundhog that ran across the fairway in front of us, you just couldn’t beat it.

Afterwards, we went to a noisy sportsbar for pizza. Bill and Decky wore their Miami Hurricanes shirts and cheered amidst a Kansas State crowd. We were so hungry and thirsty, everything tasted so good.

We got home, showered, and I read Harry Potter to Decky for a whole hour. After I tucked him in, Bill and I watched an episode of Dexter and went to bed.

It was a really great day.
Today I worked. Again. At least I had the memory of yesterday to get me through it.