I had a very bad day at work

I don’t often lose my cool at work. I can handle pretty much anything.

But today, a patient pushed me over the edge. I had three patients. Plus one I took from another nurse who wasn’t feeling well. Then I got an ambulance. That’s five.

That’s too many. And I didn’t have any help with the fifth, except when I begged for someone to get an EKG. There were malfunctioning equipment, nonexistent symptoms, dangerously morbid obesity, made-up medical maladies, simpering, rudeness, and of course, a large mental health component hanging over it all.

What makes people think that because they have something wrong with them (or think they do), they don’t have to use basic manners?

Get me
Do this
I need
I have to have
You need to

Is it so hard to say please? I see clearly all the problems this woman has, and they should elicit pity from me, but they don’t. Because of her lack of common courtesy.

All I know is, I will never be so fat that I have to have someone else wipe my ass or use a rag on a stick. So there.

2 thoughts on “I had a very bad day at work

  1. It’s impossible to feel sorry for someone who is rude and demanding. Living in that body must be pure hell – but you are what you eat! You’re a great nurse but every once in a while, you’ll encounter a patient who doesn’t deserve your care. Hopefully the thankful and appreciative patients outweigh (a pun) this nightmare of a patient.

  2. I’m guessing this patient was a woman. The whole comment about having to wipe one’s ass with a rag on a stick tipped me off that it was a woman. A man would just take a shower.

    She had to be one smelly, vile creature. It serves her right and I don’t feel sorry for her. You HAVE to be mentally ill to be that morbidly obese. Nobody gets like that overnight. I hope she gets bedsores as big as her head for treating you like shit.

    Thank goodness you have Owen! He’s perfect and his innocence can make you forget about this nightmare.

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