Pity party

The day at work sucked. We were running nonstop all day, with the waiting room stacked. There were no simple patients.

It is telling that the best part of the day was a global rupture (that’s a busted eyeball).

The worst part of the terrible day was the fact that Bill and Decky went golfing with Koby and Tommy. WITHOUT ME!

I am so hurt I want to cry. They had a great time, but I thought it was something only we shared. Obviously I was wrong, and maybe I’m being hypersensitive from being so worn out from work, but I want to cry.

We’re supposed to go golfing tomorrow, but I’m so sad about this, I would rather lay in bed and be by myself.

I’ll get over it, maybe. But for now, I’m just crushed.

1 thought on “Pity party

  1. Be happy for them. It was a boys activity (no women). Remember when you’re at work, you’re helping the family. I’ve long ago decided I work for the money….for my family.

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