So mad

So back in August, my manager approached me and told me they were restructuring the PRN pay scale and requirements. She told me I was working enough hours to qualify to be either a part-time employee (with benefits), or a PRN Extra (no benefits). Since I’m on my husband’s insurance, I opted for the PRN Extra, which carried a whopping 10% raise, but also required that I work two minor and one major holiday per year.

This was back in August. My manager submitted all this to HR August 29. Remember, SHE approached ME.

Since then, I’ve been asking my manager periodically for updates. I’ve been given many different excuses why I haven’t been given a raise yet: the code is not in the computer, there’s no other PRN Extras so they have to start from scratch, the higher-ups haven’t approved it yet.

So why did THEY ask ME?

Last week, I spoke to the Chief Nursing Officer (the woman who originally hired me). She told me that she was the holdup. She wanted to make sure, since I was the only employee who was going to be a PRN Extra, that the requirements were objective and would apply to anyone who wanted the job, not just me.

Okay, whatever.

She told me I’d have an answer by the end of last week. Nothing.

I wrote her a terse email this morning. She wouldn’t respond via email, except to say she’d try to get in touch with me before her meeting this afternoon. That seemed like a bad sign.

She finally called me as I was about to leave. She said that she and one other admin person had okayed the new status for me, but the raise wouldn’t be effective this paycheck. Even though the last pay period just ended yesterday. She said it would take effect the beginning of next MONTH.

I told her that I would be taking this up with Human Resources, and that I didn’t think it was fair that the raise wouldn’t be retroactive. Thank god I was prepared for them to do this, because if I hadn’t had a scripted response ready, I would have blown up.

I explained my situation to a woman in HR, and she told me she would get back to me after she looked into it. Which she hasn’t.

I have the bad feeling they will talk to me tomorrow while I’m at work. And it won’t be what I want to hear. And I’ll be hurt and mad and upset. And there won’t be anything I can do about it (like walk out) because I will be at work. And I will be furious all day. And I may cry, which I NEVER want to do at work!.

I’m thinking I’ll tell them to forget about the raise and the new position. And forget about me working ANY holidays at all. I’ll just come in and do my job and nothing extra.

I’ve worked there seven years. I’m a very good employee. Even though I’m PRN, I still take charge nurse duties, orient new employees, triage, and do extra work to support my unit. I feel that they should be happy to have me, and want to do what they can to make me happy. I play a valuable role in the department. If they really don’t want me to be a PRN Extra, why did they offer it to me?

They initiated all this. Why don’t they want to make good on their offer? I’ll let you know what happens tomorrow. But if I feel like I’m going to cry, I’m just going to go home. And I may be sick Thursday too.

Nothing worse than hurt feelings.

2 thoughts on “So mad

  1. I would be VERY mad, also hurt and trying not to cry at work. And objectively… that raise needs to be made retroactive back to the time they offered it to you. Do not offer things to employees and then not give them. Grrrrrr……

  2. Do not let them use you and not pay you retroactively. Your time is money, just like everyone else’s. It’s not fair to offer you that raise and then pretend it never happened, while you work your ass off for it. They approached you; you agreed. Now they want to make you wait for a raise that won’t even be retroactive? I say, fuck ’em. Don’t work any holidays, say fuck the raise, and enjoy being with the ones you love. Life is way too short to be unappreciated and no job, no matter how much you love it, is worth it.

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