Omaha and other stories

We’re in Omaha for Decky’s 10th birthday weekend of fun. We went to the Henry Doorly Zoo today, walking for three hours up and down hills, visiting our animal friends. We love that place. The only bad thing was that the Lemur Island exhibit was closed. We had to visit the lemurs inside.

After we checked in at the hotel (which is very very cute and homey and clean and wonderful!), we went down to the Old Market area downtown, where we walked some more and had a nice spaghetti dinner. I can’t say enough about the Old Market. It’s got fun and different stores, lots of great restaurants, and we even got to visit TWO RECORD STORES! I can’t tell you how long it’s been since we’ve been in a real record store. Our dates as a young couple consisted of walking up and down Lincoln Avenue in Chicago, Bill hitting the record stores, and me visiting all the bookstores.

Ah, good times.

Decky and I just enjoyed the hotel pool and hot tub, Bill’s at the dog track (duh), and the boy and I are watching a King of the Hill marathon. We need to get some rest for tomorrow. We’ll be walking in the parks, or maybe visiting the Bob Kerrey Pedestrian bridge in the morning, then we have a golf date after lunch. We’ll pick another dinner spot in the Old Market, then lather, rinse and repeat.

Little does Bill know that the town where the golf course is located is also the antiques capital of eastern Nebraska!

Decky is having a great time. He said so many many times today. What a great boy!


Regarding work: it’s settled, I have the new position, I will be working some holidays, I will be getting a big raise. It will only be retroactive for a couple of weeks, but I guess it’ll do. It’s behind me and I’m glad.


The deck demolition begins Monday. Decky and Ryan have already started to saw the railings and move the outdoor furniture, and the permit has been paid for. It’s a big chunk of change and a huge commitment, but we’re taking a deep breath and jumping on in. In a month or so, we’ll have a beautiful safe new big deck to have Fire Nights on.

That is all. Carry on.