Tomorrow will be a crazy day.

In the morning, after I take Decky to school, I’ll pay bills, start a pot of chili, clean the house a bit, and enjoy a smidge of alone time.

After lunch, Owen comes over and shortly thereafter, we get on his costume and head to Decky’s school for the class Halloween party. We will park very far away, because EVERYONE comes to the school Halloween party. We will watch the parade, help with crafts and games and treats, then haul everything home.

I’ll finish making dinner, which will also include a vegetarian option, then get ready for our guests: Dani, Tommy, Miles, Cait, Koby and Owen (maybe Ryan?). After dinner, we’ll take the kids out to trick-or-treat, meeting up with Decky’s friend(s) along the way. We’ll dodge the neighbors partying in the driveway next-door, and hope they haven’t lit a fire – there’s a Fire Warning out for our area.

We don’t have to worry about handing out treats because we never get any trick-or-treaters. The weather should be wonderful, the haul should be impressive as usual.

Funny how I sometimes look forward to going to work, just so I can relax.