I can’t believe it’s frickin’ November!

I didn’t experience it myself since I was at work all day, but it was about 78 degrees and sunny today. Right now, the windows are open and the fans are on. By the time we wake up, it will start to rain and the temperature will drop throughout the day. But we need the rain so desperately, I don’t mind a day of indoor activity.

The inspector from the city approved our deck builder’s post holes, so tomorrow Owen and I will go with him to start buying building materials. This will be a big fun thing for O’Boy. Then, hopefully the cement will be poured and the posts will be erected very soon. I can’t wait to see actual progress being made on this deck already.

We had a great Halloween. Owen and I went to Decky’s school party, where Decky performed yoyo tricks for his class, and Owen and I helped with games and treats etc. The girls all kept picking Owen up and fighting over him. He loved it. We came home for a rest and some TV time (while I vacuumed and finished making dinner), then everybody came over for food. After dinner, we went trick-or-treating in my friend’s rich neighborhood. Andrea and Charlie gave us beer, the kids got candy, and Koby got to scare people by jumping out of bushes at them. The kids ran up and down hills and stairs and were worn to little nubs by the end of the night. When we got back to the house, we stopped and visited at the neighbors’ party next door for a short time. Then we ended our day by collapsing in our respective beds.

Luckily, trick-or-treaters and neighbors saw some flames licking up Andrea’s and Charlie’s house before any damage was done. Seems a landscape light caught some dried pine needles on fire. We have a Fire Warning out here, you know.

Now’s my down time. Tomorrow will be busy and rainy and windy and cold, but at least I’ll be home and with Owen. And I received three pounds of sweet Missouri pecan halves in the mail today – I can’t wait to make some spiced nuts and trail mix with them!

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  1. Have a great day with Owen today. I’m glad you’re going to finally get some rain in Leawood. You really need it! Sounds like you had a great Halloween.

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