Breathing time

I feel like I’ve been on the run for days. I am now finally sitting on the couch with my Mac on my lap, the animals curled by the fire. Bill and Decky are in bed and the only sounds I hear are the washer and dryer running.

*deep breath in*
*slow exhale*

If I was smart, I would be doing yoga and walking regularly, just to show myself some love. But I’m not. And lately I feel very old. Since I stopped taking the methotrexate, I haven’t had any flareups of the scleritis or iritis (touch wood), but I have noted arthritic pain in the bases of my thumbs and big toes. I wince when someone tries to ‘high five’ me. I can’t use the hitting lanes at the tennis club, because I can hardly walk the next day. This makes me feel old.

I think about my options. I could just live with this arthritis, just like my mom and grandma had to. Or I could take this stupid, cheap drug that seems to help get rid of it, even though nobody really knows why it works or how it affects the body. While this internal debate rages on, I take my mobic when the pain gets too bad, and ask for help opening jars. I”ll probably just put it off until something forces me into a decision.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch…

The concrete piers for the deck posts are poured. There are large stacks of lumber in my driveway, with more to come. All the material for the deck has been ordered. Next week should show us some real progress, I hope.

The landscape guys got rid of all the leaves that blanketed my yard, and it looks so clean and nice again. It’s a good feeling.

Decky started basketball practice and he’s behaving and doing the work. I hope he enjoys himself this season, because last year was not so much fun. He goofed around too much and the coach got pissed.

I don’t have to work tomorrow, so I plan to take it easy and enjoy time with my men. It should be a beautiful day for a hike. Maybe I can find a little time for myself.

What do you do to show yourself some love?

2 thoughts on “Breathing time

  1. I run. I go to the chiropractor and spend too much $$ to help running injuries so I can keep running. I get a decadent 60-minute massage to help the running injuries and I think… why is it I only get a massage once or twice a year? Surely I deservie this luxury of being good to myself more often than that 🙂

  2. I blog and I read. There isn’t much time for anything more than that. Once or twice a month, I get out for about an hour and I just relax knowing that I’m out…alone. That hour or two a month is all the recharging I need…for now. I have four children; luxuries are few and far between until they’re older.

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