Baby steps

Every so often, I get back on the exercise wagon. It’s so much harder than falling off, believe me. But I seem to have a pattern. Six weeks of productive workouts, noticeable changes, elevated mood and proper nutrition, then I get bored and peter out until I quit.

After a couple of months, I do it again. But it always takes me a while to get off the couch. I seem to get back to exercise in baby steps:

1. I get disgusted with my weight, and how I look and feel.
2. I start thinking I should get back to exercising again.
3. My mind starts to focus on what activity I’d like to do.
4. I subconsciously figure out when I can fit this activity into my schedule.
5. I give myself alternatives to that activity, in case of rain, or babysitting, or whatever.
6. I gather my materials: yoga mat, running shoes, etc. Knock off the dust and make sure nothing has been eaten by moths.
7. I start. I don’t tell anyone the first time or two, unless I have some great success.
8. If I can make this activity an easy part of my daily routine, I will keep doing it. If it’s too hard to do it, I just won’t.

It seems I move from the very back of my mind, into my subconscious, then to the forefront of my daily thoughts.

Right now, I am about at Step 4 or 5. I have decided on walking (with possible gradual forays into running as I get stronger), and yoga (probably at home with a Kathy Smith DVD), and maybe some strength training and cardio at the gym. I am a little afraid that the arthritis will make things harder than they’ve been before, but I also know that six weeks of walking will cure me of any hip pain. If it can cure hip pain, maybe it’ll help the toe pain. We’ll see.

Now I just have to find the right time for all this. And find my yoga DVD and buy some cushiony insoles. Eesh.

1 thought on “Baby steps

  1. I used to be the exact same way. A co-worker and friend (Linda who I ran with this morning) talked me into doing the couch to 5k with her 15 months ago. I didn’t want to have to confess to her I’d quit so I scheduled my 3 days per week of running and set my mind that I would finish this program. I had to schedule those 3 days as non-negotiable… get home from work Tues & Thurs and run. No matter WHAT! Same thing Sunday am… and a funny thing happened by the time I finished… I LOVED running. Who knew?! I still schedule it just as rigidly… there are exceptions but they are RARE! I schedule it this rigidly because life is busy and if it’s not given the same importance in the schedule as going to work or taking a shower it will not happen… but also… I seriously look forward to the hour of running on those days that is MINE… and if it is taken from me for some reason, I am cranky. I started running because I was not happy with how I looked and wanted to lose weight. I keep running because of what it does for my mind and spirit… that elevated mood you mentioned. It really does make a huge difference! Good luck 🙂

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