What’s goin’ on

The guys finally came out to work on the deck again today. They still don’t have the posts up, but they put in four solid hours of work, so something must be going on. I bought white Christmas lights to illuminate my deck railings, so they better hurry the heck up.

Bill, Decky, Owen, Koby and I went to Miles’ birthday party today. It was held at PowerPlay, which is essentially a casino for kids. We had a great time, and my hearing is just about back to normal.

Owen is sleeping over tonight. We ate Chinese, played with rocks, watched Dinosaur train and made cookies. Booboo will make big breakfast in the morning. Owen’s already ordered pancakes.

Since it’ll be too windy and chilly to golf tomorrow :(, we’ll be taking a long nature walk. Maybe we’ll try Shawnee Mission Park, they have lots of cool trails there.

I only have to work one day this week (unless something pops up), because Bill’s going out of town Wednesday to Friday night. And since Michela’s going to Washington Thursday, hopefully Ryan and Deja will come hang out with us a little bit.

I’m watching House MD on Hulu. I had forgotten how great this show is.

See how boring my life is? Now the gap between entries makes sense, doesn’t it?