Great day

Yesterday I thought I had the day to myself. I ended up with half a day to myself and it was really great.

Andrea and I met at the bookstore, where we discussed being disgruntled lapsed Catholics who need something to believe in. We perused the New Age, Christianity and Self Help sections. We each chose some books that might give us direction, or at least provide some options. I seemed to subconsciously veer away from the Christianity aisle, and I shied away from books that had too many mentions of God and prayer in them. I also avoided the books that stressed the ‘self’ and inward direction. I ended up being interested the most in outwardly-directed action, being present, and giving and forgiving. That’s not a religion, I know. But those tenets seem to be the basis of a loving, kind spirituality that has its foundation in a loving, kind, higher intelligence. So now I have some reading to do.

After the bookstore, we had a great long talky lunch at Houlihan’s. Wonderful food – ate too much. And the chance to just talk and relax with a friend was really priceless. The next time I hesitate to schedule time or make effort to give myself some friend time, I will remember how much fun I had with Andrea yesterday. Although my family are my friends, I do have a need for outside relationships. Now I know.

I picked Owen up after lunch so his momma could nap and rest for the afternoon. We bought some new tree garland and decorations, then came home to make eclair cakes. We also decorated the house for Koby’s birthday. Ryan was over, and he, Declan and Owen had major nerf gun fights in the basement. They all came up for dinner sweaty and red-faced. No major injuries, thank goodness.

After dinner, Koby and Caitlyn and some friends were supposed to come over for birthday cake. Unfortunately, Koby had so much fun drinking birthday shots with his work friends, Caitlyn had to take him home to puke and pass out. I was thankful he didn’t come over after hearing that. So the family party will be tonight.

Today, I will bake some applesauce cakes, one of which I will bring to work for my friend Marilyn’s birthday. Then I will put the second coat of purple paint on the downstairs bathroom. It looks so nice – just a smoky purple. The brown towels will really tie it all together.

After school, Decky and I will go to Best Buy for some drum pads, which he tells me will extend the life of his drum set. We may browse for Christmas gifts, too.

Tonight, Koby, Caitlyn, Owen, Dani, Tommy and Miles, and maybe Ryan (and whomever else shows up) will come over to enjoy cake and fun. The only thing missing will be Bill. He comes home very late tonight. I’m missing the heck out of him and I can’t wait to see him.

The deck guys are working on the stairs today. After everything is framed (hopefully today), we can call for our second inspection. Then the way will be clear for finishing the rest of the deck. We are all really looking forward to having Fire Night on the new deck soon!

Have a great day!