Even good stress is stress.

Holidays kill me. I gain weight. I feel lots of pressure to bake, decorate, make everything perfect for my family. I always want to make things wonderful for them. But they don’t pressure me.

I do it to myself.

I’m working a lot of hours until December 19th, then I’m off until New Year’s Day. The big paychecks will totally balance out my luxurious time off. I will be able to enjoy Decky’s entire winter break with him. And Owen. And Ryan on his days off. And Caitlyn will be off school too. And Stefanie and Kevin and Dad will be out to visit after Christmas. I can’t wait!

I only have to get through the next ten days, then I can relax and enjoy. I will sleep in, stay in my jammies all day if I want to, take long walks in the cold, make cookies, watch my morning shows, read. I will have time to send out Christmas cards (maybe), shop for gifts, decorate the tree (when we get it). I will cocoon myself in the coziness of my home, surround myself with people I love, listen only to soothing sounds, do only good things for myself. I will take fun field trips with the kids, find new and different adventures, learn new things.

The intense stress I feel now is only temporary. I can get through this. My rewards are so great!