Whatcha been doin’?

So I’ve been working on getting Decky tested for the gifted program. He was initially suggested for consideration (I forget by whom) last year about this time. So I’ve sent the occasional email to Ms B, the gifted teacher, asking what’s going on? And she’s always said, he’s still waiting on the psychological testing, do you want me to have him work on another project? And I always said yes, and then waited a while to bug her again.

Well, this time I wrote the same email to the school psychologist. And I copied Decky’s wonderful former teacher, Ms G. She called me right away, enflamed. She couldn’t believe he wasn’t already in the program. She must have lit a fire, because next thing you know, Decky’s being tested, and two other people who have worked with Decky told me they set the psychologist straight and told her this had to get done right away. Word travels fast! And today, the gifted teacher kept winking at me and beaming, saying it wouldn’t be very long before we knew, and thank you!

I swear, there are so many people in that school who just LOVE Decky. The one who doesn’t can just step off.

Ms G also asked me what else I was doing with Decky right now. When I told her pretty much nothing, she asked why not? She called me out in her soft way, so I got busy. I am working on an application to the summer gifted program at Northwestern University. I got Decky enrolled in the Duke TIP, which provides resources and online study programs for gifted kids. I called the local high school to see if there was a smart good kid who would teach Decky Scratch computer programming in exchange for community service hours and cookies. I tried, but I am just not bright enough.

So I feel like I’m getting something done for my boy. Who is right now patching a basketball so he can play with Brother.


I have been working out many times a week lately. I bought myself one of those armbands that keep track of how many calories you burn, what your level of exertion is, how many steps you take, etc. I log my foods, and it tells me how much activity I need and get everyday. It’s pretty cool. I mess up a lot on my diet, but I do pretty well on the exercise. It keeps me accountable. Today Caitlyn and I took a step class, which was hard but fun. It had been over fifteen years since I took one, but it all came back to me pretty quickly. Now if my body would just not be so old and heavy. Thursday, we plan on taking a Zumba class. I saw a bunch of fat ladies taking the class today, so I know I can do it. It won’t be pretty, but I can do it.


My husband will be fifty next month. But tomorrow, he is going to Miami for business, and will be running a 5k there. He’s excited. And as he keeps telling me, he’s in the best shape of his life. I would have to agree. I don’t want to be the fat one in the relationship though, so I better get to work.


Stefanie and Kevin and the dogs will be moving in with us in March. I have so much to do to get ready! I have to clean out the storage room, move all of Owen’s toys up to the loft, paint the bathroom and bedroom, replace the door, put up a mirror, and fix the yard so Linus won’t get out. I am getting excited. I have always wanted all my family near me, and now it’s going to happen! I know there will be rough patches, but we all love each other and we all want the same things, so I know we can work anything out. The key, I think, will be to stay away from extremes. Keep everything steady and even-keeled. Give things time and see how everything shakes out.

We got nothin’ but time.


Work has been very busy, and we’re always short-staffed. It’s been hard lately. But we just keep plugging away. My boss has hired a lot of new nurses, so it will start getting better soon. Then I’ll have to fight for hours. That’s okay. I can deal with that when it comes up.


It’s been so dry here lately, that there’s a Fire Warning out. That means we can’t use the new firepit Caitlyn and Koby gave us for Christmas. Oh well. Soon enough.


Stay tuned for more news as it happens.

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