Bill’s in Miami

Bill’s in Miami until Friday night. So what am I doing with myself?

Well, I am not working. I thought I’d be watching Owen Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, so I took the time off. Now that Cait dropped her Tues/Thurs class, I have the days to myself. Work is extremely understaffed, but I decided I need this day for me. Although I will feel the appropriate measure of guilt, I will not be helping them out. I have things to do.

Today, I plan to start moving toys up to the second floor from the basement. That should be quite a workout. I also plan to try a Zumba exercise class with Caitlyn at the health club. I think it will be fun. We took a very fast-paced step class Tuesday, and yesterday I went 4.35 miles in an hour walking on the treadmill. I will also probably walk to and from Decky’s school to pick him up later. It’s supposed to be 53 degrees and sunny today.

This weather is so weird. It feels as though winter has just not happened, and spring is starting. The trees and shrubs are budding and the air has that moist fresh spring smell. If and when it ever does snow, we’ll be totally caught off guard.

What’s nice about Bill being out of town? Well, I get to watch TV and read in bed as long as I want. This keeps me out of the kitchen late at night. And I get to watch what I want. I found ‘Downton Abbey’ on Amazon prime so I’ve been really enjoying that. I also watched a new ‘House’ episode. That was great. I really never watch any TV except for Biggest Loser and Dexter, so this has been a treat.

Another big plus is that the house, though nowhere near clean, is so much easier to keep up. I don’t have to pick up after Bill, who is a walking hurricane. I also don’t have to cook if I don’t want to. Bill’s pretty flexible about that, but it’s nice to be able to cook what I want, or not cook at all. I took the boys out to a salad/sandwich restaurant with a groupon last night, and it was nice.

What’s not so good about Bill being gone? Well, of course I miss him. He’s my best friend and he’s so cute. And it can be a pain getting everything done by myself, but it’s not really that busy around here. I think the dogs and cat miss him. It is kinda lonely with just Decky and me rattling around in this big house. I don’t get scared, but it’s really quiet at night. I just feel more safe and secure with that man of mine around.

I hope Bill’s having fun, but I’m totally jealous he’s in Miami and I’m not. I feel a strong need to get away, even if it’s not to a sunny beach. I’m happy he finally started using the messaging feature on his phone. It’s kinda fun to have conversations with him that way.

Oh well. Back to my morning show. I’ll get to work on the basement in a little bit. I’ve got time.