Back in the saddle?

So, remember the killer steep zig-zaggy hill in Ironwoods Park? Well, I ran UP that thing five times today!

Decky and I put his bike in the car and drove over to the park today. I walked/jogged, and Decky biked the circuit one way then back the other way, then Decky decided he wanted to explore the creek. Since we were at the base of the hairpin-curved devil of a hill, and I really wanted a good workout, I decided to run up it and see if I could make it to the sign about 3/4 of the way up. And I did! I ran down the hill too, but it was kind of hard on my knees, so I walked down it after that.

Since Decky was still exploring the creek, I ran up it again, walked down, then ran up again. Then, I went the other way and ran up a small steep grassy hill a few times. Then I did the killer hill again, and made Decky run up it with me the fifth time. Then Decky mountain-biked a small trail through the woods a few times, while I jogged/walked it.

We had the best time! It was cool and cloudy and windy, so I didn’t get overheated, and there were hardly any other people at the park. It was just perfect.

I don’t know what made me start jogging, but I just did, and then kept going. On and off mostly, keeping my heart rate up, but not killing myself.

I feel so much better about myself now. Too bad Bill took us out for pizza right afterwards. 🙂 But at least I now feel like I actually have a chance at running the Color Run at the end of June, instead of walking it. That makes me feel good.