Identity theft

So I’ve been unemployed for over a week now. I have been keeping busy, mostly with watching Owen while Cait goes through her new job orientation. I’ve been applying for jobs and sending out resumes and making followup calls. I have an interview next Tuesday, but that’s it so far.

I’ve been feeling anxious about being unemployed. I am scared to interact with the public, knowing I have no protection if someone complains about me. For brief flashes, I remember how great a nurse I was/am, and how much I enjoyed working with people. But then I get nervous again, and I think maybe I should just sit behind a desk and not talk to anyone ever.

But that’s just not me. I don’t think I want to do ED anymore, and I certainly won’t work in an inpatient unit, and I know I can do ANYTHING I want to, but I really don’t know what that is yet.

I just know I need a job. My identity is so wrapped up in my career. I know it’s just one part of who I am, but without it, I feel like something is missing. I need to get back to doing what Iove. Plus I need that paycheck. It gives me such a sense of pride and self-worth to contribute financially, especially dice Bill supported me for so long.

Bill and I decided I need to be back to work by June 1. So I have a little more time to find something I love. If I can’t do that, it will probably be agency or ED, which I can do and get paid well for, but not get attached to.

I write this as I sit in the deck on a sunny beautiful day, watching Owen play in the kiddie pool while the dogs doze at my feet.

Why do I need a job again?

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  1. I know you will want to smack me for saying this, but when one door closes, another one opens. It might not be what you planned, it might the back door or the garage door, or heck, even a window, but one will open and you will walk through it with confidence, bringing all of your awesomeness with you! Good luck!

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