So I had my first interview today. It was at a local surgicenter for a PACU position.

I was so nervous.

My confidence has taken a big hit over the past few weeks, and I was feeling very inadequate.
I knew in order to interview well, I had to get into my cocky, you-would-be-lucky-to-have-me mode, but I didn’t know if I could do it anymore.

Turns out I really didn’t have to. The woman I interviewed with knew exactly what and who she wanted for the position, and it was me. I had all the qualifications she wanted and more. Most of the nurses there came from ED or ICU, so she knew my skill set, and knew how well I’d fit in with her team.

She’ll be calling me tomorrow, probably with an offer. She already asked me when I could start.

I wasn’t my cocky self, but I was personable and professional. I figured the worst that could happen would be a raging hot flash in the middle of the interview, and thankfully that didn’t happen. But I had a napkin in my purse just in case. And I guess most of the women who work there are going through the hot flashes too. They fight over the thermostat a lot I hear.

The hours are great (8-10 hour shifts instead of 12), no weekends or holidays, the pay is great, the people seem nice, and the whole place is in the midst of a remodel, so things will be brand-new and shiny. They provide all the scrubs, and I can eventually cross-train to surgery if I want to!

The worst part? The GIANT staff lounge, with the GIANT fridge, the GIANT pantry and the GIANT grill on the patio. And they cater in lunch every Friday. I was looking forward to getting back to work, so I wouldn’t sit around and grow fat at home. I don’t know how I can withstand the pressure if I get this job.

Am I stupid to say that I fear this job would be TOO comfortable?

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  1. Well , sounds like your interview went well. Hope your next interview goes just as well ,If you need it ! 🙂

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