I hate the smell of burnt popcorn

Random notes:

I’m sick of the heat. There. I’ve said it.

Tomorrow, Decky and I will head out for an early morning walk on some fun trails a short drive away from the house. Usually we walk from the house to some local destination, but this is what he picked, so there you go. It should be about 70 when we set out, so it should be really nice for a change.

After our walk, we have to move all the furniture out of the living room, then vacuum and shampoo the carpet. Owen will be over at 10:30 to help. When we’re done with all that hard work, it’s time for…

wait for it

…Shampooing-the-rug-moving-the-furniture Dance Party!!! We all put on slippers, crank the music, and dance like crazy!!!

After that, we’ll probably play in the sprinkler or something. Then we’ll throw some tilapia in the oven for dinner, since we’ll be too tired to cook, obviously. And at 7, I’m getting a haircut.

I’m getting my bangs back!!! So excited! Maybe I’ll get my eyebrows waxed too. I totally deserve it.

BTW, did I tell you about my new toenail? Yep, I got one. Stef and I went for pedicures last weekend and she talked me into getting a prosthetic toenail for my nailless big toe. It looked so nice, just like the other nine. Stef and Caitlyn couldn’t stop giggling about it. They’re so weird. When the nail fell off the next day after a killer walk with Decky, I just glued it back on. Right now, it’s in a decorative bowl on my bathroom counter, waiting for a special occasion.

Work is fine. My workdays are usually pretty short, so my paychecks are much smaller. Once Decky’s back in school I hope to get more hours. I am also still applying for various jobs that appeal to me. I never get past the first interview though. It’s very hard to not get down about it. I don’t know what’s going on, but at least I have a job in hand. I just have to be patient and wait for the just-right thing to come along. And keep hoping it will.

Also, did you hear what happened to Kevin and Ryan Wednesday? Ryan was watching Owen and Decky upstairs, and Kevin noticed water coming through the light fixture in his bedroom downstairs. After some investigation, the boys determined that the washer had been overfilled and was leaking everywhere. They used most of the towels in the house to sop up the water, but when they lifted the kitty litter box off the floor, the soaked bottom fell apart and kitty litter went everywhere! Ryan figured it would soak up some of the water so he spread it around a bit. And it turned to cement. That they cleaned up with a shovel. I did a full clean of the entire laundry room yesterday. It looks great now.

Have you ever noticed that some things just don’t ever get done until you reach a certain tipping point? For me to clean the laundry room, a major catastrophe involving water leakage and kitty litter was the tipping point. For me to shampoo the living room carpet required just one more pee spot. It happens that way all the time around here.

Caitlyn is very pregnant and hot and we’re always after her to drink more water.
Stefanie has an interesting job and is looking into future career and school options.
Ryan and Michela are moving into a new apartment in mid-September and are very excited about it.
Declan walks 4-5 miles with me any morning we can fit it in. He hasn’t played golf in a while because of the heat. We’ve been watching the Lord of the Rings trilogy, and are halfway through The Two Towers.
Bill is on fire at work lately, since becoming the go-to man in the company for selling a particular product.
The twelve dogs are all fine.

Bill, Decky and I are going to Colorado Springs August 8-12 for a short vacation. We plan to golf, hike, sightsee at Pikes Peak and Garden of the Gods, go rafting and maybe even ziplining. And of course Bill will go to the dog track.

More updates to follow.

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