Olympics Party

So Stefanie had the idea to have an Olympics Party tomorrow during our regular Wednesday family dinner. Owen loved the idea.

In the morning, Decky and I will take a killer walk, then go to the party store for medals and streamers, etc. Then we have to figure out some fun games for family competitions. We already have ladderball, and we can do a basketball toss, but most of the activities will have to be inside. The temp tomorrow will be 103 they say. Or we could do games in the sprinkler or baby pool, I guess.

This will be fun. After the games, we’ll grill steaks and veggies. Decky will probably make a pie or two (he has surpassed his dad in pudding-pie making skill). And I imagine we should have a medal ceremony.

Any suggestions for games?

1 thought on “Olympics Party

  1. You need a three-legged race, a water balloon toss, and an apple-bobbing contest. I think Owen will sweep all the medals away from everyone!

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