Divergent thoughts

The requisite bulletted update after a long hiatus:

– I had an interview for an RN position in the ED at the Best Hospital in Kansas 2012 today. I feel that it went well, and hope I will be able to work there. The manager of the ED is a guy I used to work with, and we always got along well. I should know something late next week.
– I fought the hot flashes during the interview by bringing a sports bottle full of ice water. Nobody looks at you funny if you have one of those with you. A towel, maybe, but not a water bottle.
– Also, I prevented blisters from my interview shoes by doing something innovative: wearing socks.
– Isaac’s remnants have provided us with a steady soaking rain since this morning, and is supposed to continue to do so until tomorrow afternoon. What a wonderful thing rain is. We’ve missed it so. The adults in the house had to hold themselves back from joining the boys in the Rain Show.
– I am full of anxiety. By definition, it’s a generalized, non-specific sense of unease. Since there is no one thing to cause it, I have decided to tackle it by using solutions that treat nothing in particular, but make me generally feel better. More sleep, more exercise, good-for-me food, time alone (!), and some shopping therapy. Momma needs some maintenance. I’m getting tired of nightmares.
– Bill is riding the fast train at work, sharing his innovations on new products with the entire rest of his company. This high demand on my husband’s time will manifest itself in more frequent trips away from me. But that’s the price of doing business. He’s so happy but stressed.
– Stefanie is physically recovered, and is now finding new and different ways to expend her energy, like baking, which has not led to success so far. She bought a booster seat for her car, just in case she needs to take Owen somewhere, and has been spending lots of time with him. He is her joy.
– Kevin spent a fun day with Owen Wednesday. They baked and did homework, then Kevin fell asleep on the couch after a rousing game of hide-and-seek.
– Caitlyn is very pregnant and nested. She is ready for the heat to go away. We all believe that the baby will bring rain and cool temperatures.
– Koby is biding his time until his painful wisdom teeth are pulled next week. Pain is no fun.
– Ryan is making some good money as a bartender, and has been promoted. He now trains new employees. He and Michela will move into their new wonderful apartment Sept 11, and they can’t wait!
– Michela has been crocheting baby booties, and I look forward to seeing the finished products.
– Declan is really enjoying fifth grade so far. He is happy to be continuing the enrichment program, and likes his new regular teacher, who is preparing him for middle school. He was also selected for the fifth grade Leadership Team, members of which attend meetings, convey information to their classes, and plan and participate in community service events.
– Owen really enjoys doing ‘homework’ with Mamoo, bringing completed worksheets home to his parents. He is a joy to us all, and he can’t wait to meet his baby brother.
– I’m on the lookout for a new desk for Bill, a big pedestal table and new rug for the foyer, and maybe a bookcase or some kind of side table/storage unit for the living room.
– I’m getting closer every day to painting the second floor bathroom, hall and loft area. No, really.

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  1. I’m so glad you finally posted again. I love seeing the updates! As far as the anxiety goes, just breathe right through it. It will pass soon. Perhaps you’re anxious about the arrival of your new grandson? Give everyone a kiss from me. I miss you all so much. Sigh…

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