Potential navel-gazing

I guess I feel that if I write too much about myself, I will slide down that slippery slope to full-fledged navel-gazing, which I cannot tolerate in a person, and consider the path to madness. So if it starts seeming like I’m doing that, please tell me right away. Thanks.

I took a day off today. I slept in. Went to the farmers market with Stefanie and Declan in the pouring rain. Got lots of tomatoes and squash and cilantro. Did nothing with them.

I spent most of the afternoon shopping. Which I really prefer not to ever do if I don’t have to. But I’m itching to make some changes around here. I want to make my front stoop pretty. I want to find a nice big desk for Bill. I’d love a big round pedestal table for the foyer. I’d love some new rugs under the kitchen table and in the foyer too. So I checked out five or six or seven stores by myself. Well, I got bored, so I made Stef meet me at the Crate and Barrel so she could spend some gift certificates and keep me company.

I got plenty of ideas, but didn’t buy much. I got a really weird wreath for the front door (check it out on facebook), a wallet, and some small hand-blown wine glasses that look like chunky water glasses for little kids, but really cute. I probably won’t get Bill a desk until Cait and Koby get a house and take our piano with them. Then I’ll redo the front room into an office. And I won’t get new rugs until I have only one dog left in the house. To do so before that would just be silly. The stuff for the front stoop will be cheap, and I’ll just pick it up if I come across it in my daily travels.

But I really don’t like shopping. Today was kind of a record for me, except for maybe during Christmastime.


The rain finally stopped. We got a total of about 5.558 inches of rain over the past 48 hours. The yellow stuff outside now has a tinge of green to it. Thank you Isaac for breaking the drought. Now our regularly scheduled oppressive heat will resume.

I really can’t wait for fall. I’m not the only one around here who feels that way. Stef will be making pumpkin pies and Decky will be making his awesome spiced pecans tomorrow. I heard there was a pecan shortage coming, so I stocked up on Missouri pecans, which are so sweet you don’t need sugar.

Back to the weather – it was so humid tonight, I had to turn on the a/c just so we could sleep. Yeesh.


We watched the movie ‘Super 8’ today and it was great. Decky, Bill and I really enjoyed it.
We went to Cascone’s for a great italian dinner and sat right by the pianist and saxophonist. It was wonderful as always. Than k goodness for groupons or we’d never go out.


I just bought some much-needed clogs for work. They look pretty cute, but not goofy. It’s been so long since I bought some that I hope they fit the same way my old ones did. Before they cracked in half, of course. I wore them for about thirteen years. Hopefully the new ones will last that long. I think I’m really hoping I get this job at the Best Hospital in Kansas 2012’s ED. I better stop thinking about it and not get my hopes up. Sure, it would be so cool to say I work there, and sure I would get great experience, but I do have a pretty good job right now, so I shouldn’t feel too bad if I don’t get selected.

Okay, I just felt myself slipping. No more shopping or navel-gazing for me tonight.
Love you, Amy.

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