Slightly agitated

It was a wonderful day here today. Lower 70s, sunny, breezy, just beautiful. Bill, Decky and I took a 4.37 mile walk through a big park we had never explored in depth before, which is always nice. We lazed about for a while, then I raked up the leaf drop that covered my entire backyard. Decky helped, and he put down some Wrigley Field grass seed (thanks, Mom and Dad!) in the bare spots. Found out we need lots more seed.

But it looks great – so neat now! And Stefanie powerwashed the patio at the same time, so we were all working hard outside today.

Bill was going to the health club and then getting ready for his trip to Milwaukee tomorrow. He actually went to and from Sam’s Club three times before he found a shirt and pants that fit him. Yeesh.

Stefanie also made a really tasty squash soup for dinner, which we really appreciated.

After all that physical activity and fresh air (and three blisters on my hands), I was exhausted. And my allergies (and Decky’s) have really kicked into high gear. Not so much fun. So I plan to turn in early and enjoy freezing under all the blankies tonight.

But even though my day was really great, there are undercurrents of agitation running through my psyche. I am worried. It’s not anxiety like last week, but more like many specific items that are causing me to worry.

I worry about Amy going on strike.
I worry about the results of Dad’s angio on Monday.
I worry about Caitlyn, she’s so tired and coughs so hard and she’s almost 37 weeks pregnant.
I worry about Koby (a little) because he had his wisdom teeth pulled and I hope he doesn’t smoke again.
I worry about Greg’s stupid veins.
I worry about the results of my last interview and the one coming up on Tuesday, and the fact that I’m not getting as many hours as I want to due to business slowdown.
I worry about the real estate taxes due in December.

Lots of little things are stressing me out (and a couple of big ones). No big deal – I can handle it. But I feel slightly agitated all the time.

One by one, they will all be resolved one way or another.
Then new stressors will pop up.
Isn’t that always the way?