Feast or famine

Remember a few months ago when I couldn’t find someone to give me a job? And I was not happy with the job I had?

Well, now my job gave me a raise and is easy and fun, and I have a job offer coming Tuesday from the Best Hospital in Kansas (BHK). And positive feedback from an interview with the Hospital where Declan was born (HDB).

Amazing. When the nurse recruiter from the BHK called today, she spoke in kind of a code, asking me if I would be able to do that ‘errand’ we talked about if I got an offer. She meant a drug test that would have to be done within 24 hours after accepting an offer. And since I am working long days tomorrow and Friday, then off to Chicago for Dad’s surgery Monday, I wouldn’t be able to get that ‘errand’ done until Tuesday. She said that she would be calling back to discuss this further on Tuesday *wink wink*.

And the recruiter at HDB asked for my references, which I provided today. Hopefully I’ll get feedback on that within a few days, because they do it all through an online link to a questionnaire. Stalling the offer from BHK gave me a little more time to work with HDB, which is where I would prefer to work.


Ryan and Michela moved into their new apartment today. Koby and her mother helped them, and I guess it’s all done. I can’t wait to see it! They’re both very happy and excited.


Even good stress is stress, so I was pretty tense all day. I am looking forward to working the next few days, just to have something else to think about. I’m sure things are just as crazy (if not more) in Chicago, where Dad is waiting for surgery and Amy is on strike. Yeesh.

We all need some good sleep.