That sucks! Awesome!

Pardon the interruption to my generally sunny disposition.
My complaints in bulletted form (please feel free to mutter “That Sucks!” after each one):

– I cannot sleep on my back with the quilt on, because the weight of the heavy comfy wonderful bedding causes terrible pain in my toes.
– I am eating my stress and I don’t know if I will fit into any long pants I own.
– Dad’s having open heart surgery Monday.
– Caitlyn’s over 37 weeks along in her pregnancy and sick as a dog. (She just started antibiotics, so she should be better soon.)
– I have to drive a lot this weekend (but I wouldn’t have it any other way).

I tried to think of more items for this list, but couldn’t. Want to hear the good stuff now? (Feel free to mutter, “Awesome!” after each one.)

– My husband got me four new tires for my car.
– He also is wonderful, understanding and patient, and gives the best hugs frequently.
– And he made us all chicken noodle soup Thursday when I was working.
– I have one job offer coming up on Tuesday (the Best Hospital in Kansas), and am hopeful about a second (the Hospital in Which Decky was Born, which I prefer).
– Stefanie went out and got me chocolate peanut butter ice cream, and she didn’t judge.
– I cleaned my ceiling fans. Nobody noticed but me, but it feels good.
– The weather is absolutely wonderful! Cool days and chilly nights are just what I hoped for all summer.
– Dad will be better than ever after he recovers from surgery.
– Amy is probably off strike after a week!
– I get to see Mod, Dad, Amy and Greg this weekend!
– Kevin has regular days off now, including Saturday!
– Today, we golf!

Thanks for letting me get that off my chest. I feel much better.