So much to think about

There’s so much going on, I have to revert to bulletted form.

1. Most importantly, Dad had his quadruple coronary bypass Monday. I was there, drove out to Chicago Sunday. I had initially intended to leave for Kansas immediately after I saw him post-surgery, but elected to stay the night with Dad in his ICU room instead. I’m very sure that was the right choice for all of us, but it was tough. The nurse woke us up at least hourly, turning on the lights without warning, and the alarms and various noises kept us awake in between. I don’t know how Dad can take it there. I worry he isn’t getting the sleep he so desperately needs.
I drove home Tuesday on little sleep, and Dad did not get any naps that day at all. Then at 1:50am today, Dad’s heart went into what they thought was a sustained lethal arrhythmia, but turned out to be a sustained not-so-lethal arrhythmia at 200 beats per minute that he had to be shocked out of. Then he went into atrial fibrillation, which they treated with IV meds, and he is now in a regular sinus rhythm at about 90 bpm. Poor Mom and Greg got the call to come to the hospital at 2am, and thought Dad might be dead or dying. When they got to Dad’s room, there were seven doctors around him, but Dad was just sitting there wondering what all the excitement was about. I feel so bad I wasn’t there with all of them. What a nightmare it must have been.
Dad had a much better day today, and hopes to get some decent sleep tonight. Tomorrow he gets evaluated for a one-week-long inpatient cardiac rehab program, which provides intense post-surgery reconditioning, which would be ideal for him. Cross your fingers.

2. Caitlyn is 38 weeks along in her pregnancy, and her midwife told her today that the baby weighs about seven pounds, and she is dilated to 3 cm, but not effaced at all yet. I’m hoping the baby can wait another week or two to be born, for selfish reasons, but I really can’t wait until he comes. I’m so excited!

3. I got two job offers, and I took the one at the Hospital in Which Decky was Born. It’s closer, I know the doctors there, and I’m just so jacked about it! I really can’t wait to get back in the ER! I went in today for my drug test and physical. I have a weeklong 8a-4:30p orientation next week (which is why I hope the baby can wait), then a few days more the week after that. My present boss in the PACU is very understanding, and I reassured her that the PACU gig will be my main job. ER will mostly be on the weekends, and maybe holidays. w00t! w00t!

4. Bill’s in Omaha on business, doing 1-1/2 hour long presentations to large groups of people for the next few days. I came home from Chicago yesterday afternoon, he left this morning. We’re just ships that pass in the night. Yeesh.

5. Decky and I went to dinner at Ryan’s and Michela’s new place today. Ryan made a turkey roast, homemade mashed potatoes with gravy, green bean casserole and a salad. It was so good, and the apartment is beautiful! The complex is big and wide open, with trees and grass and nicely tended grounds, and the apartment is cute and clean and perfect for them. I’m so happy for them.
After dinner, everybody came over for Fire Night. Decky and Owen burned sticks and marshmallows, Koby, Ryan and Kevin sawed wood and smoked cigars, Stefanie and Michela and Caitlyn enjoyed some time together. The only one missing was Bill. Oh well. It was a fun night even if Ruthie ate half the cheesecake.

6. I was off of work today due to a slow surgery schedule, but it worked out so well with all the stuff I had to get done. Tomorrow I watch Owen all day. We’ll go to open gym, maybe take down the bedroom curtains to wash, and make homemade pizzas for dinner. I can’t wait to spend a day with my beautiful grandboy. I’ve been needing some Owen time.

7. Decky has this magic trick where it appears that he’s inserting an entire pencil (or straw or whatever) all the way up his nose, then runs around screaming that it’s in his brain. He’s performing it for everyone he meets, and it’s grossing me out. But I admit, it is pretty amazing.

8. I will sleep so well tonight. I hope Dad will too. He is never out of my thoughts, and it pains me that I’m not with him. It really is so hard to be so far away from the people you love.

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  1. I really enjoy reading your blog and am sorry that I don’t comment more often. I have been thinking about you (job interviews), your dad, Caitlyn, etc. a lot lately. Hope you are hanging in there! Congrats on the job! Say hi to the docs for me!!

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