Exhausted and exhilarated

I worked my first twelve-hour Emergency Department shift in five months today. My first patient had a dissecting aortic aneurysm. He lived through surgery, which is amazing in itself. You don’t get to see too many of those.

I noticed the clientele is quite different than that I am used to. Patients are not as snobby or entitled, a little dirtier, but more appreciative. It’s a nice change.

It was also nice to see my old doctors, have them recognize me and be glad that I’m there with them again. That was such a good feeling.

Of course, now I’m used to working 4-6 hours in the PACU, which is such a cushy job I will never ever give it up. Now my legs feel like bloody achy stumps. And my hips are crying out too. Damn, I’m out of shape.

But I feel really good. Like my dad after his first day spent out of the hospital with the kids, I am exhausted but really happy.