Life is so good

Five years ago today, if you told me my life would be so wonderful, I would not have laughed. I would have been angry, or felt patronized. Or just cried hopelessly, like I did constantly at that time.

Five years ago today, my world was ending. I was losing my daughter, my husband, my life. I saw no way out. There was no future. My life was a bleak and black place.

Today, I have a wonderful life. Somehow, my husband and I found our way through that terrible time and stayed together. Our love is so strong and sweet. Thank god I don’t every have to live without it. My daughter has two children of her own and is the best mother to them anyone could ever be. She is happily married to a great man, a man we feel we have watched grow up. We couldn’t love him more if he were our biological son. Their first boy is the only blessing we have from that bleak time. He saved all our lives and brings us joy every day. And their new baby boy will undoubtedly do the same.

Somehow, some way, we survived. I still can’t believe it sometimes. But we did – we all did. And we have such riches and joy and love in our lives. I couldn’t be more grateful for our blessings.

1 thought on “Life is so good

  1. Isn’t that the BEST? To look back and realize how far you have come, and to be proud of the strength and work it took to get to where you are today?

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